Deer Hollow at East Lake

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet when necessary to conduct the business of the Association. Notices are posted in the Clubhouse, on the 9 community notice boards, and on the Deer Hollow website. The Agenda is posted in the Clubhouse and on the Deer Hollow website. Most meetings are held in the clubhouse at 7 P.M., however, F.S. 718.112 permits Board Meetings, either in person or virtually, to be held at other times and/or at other locations. The Board Members are listed alphabetically.
Andrea Mungo
Vice President
Term Ends: 11/11/2023
Sharon Jacobovitz
Term Ends 11/17/2022
Anthony Jano
Term Ends: 11/17/2022
Thomas Xenakis
Term Ends: 11/17/2022
Tom Xenakis
Term Ends: 11/11/2022
Uli Cramer
Term Ends: 11/17/2022