Deer Hollow at East Lake

Director Certificates

Director Certificates are required to be in the Official Records and posted here within 90 days of each election to comply with 718.112(2)(d)3 of Chapter 718 Florida Statutes. They are listed by name and in the order they are dated. Some Director's may have more than one certificate if they have taken additional Division approved educational courses.
Tony Jano Certificate November 20, 2018
Mike Mercio Certificate #2 November 20, 2018
Mike Mercio Certificate #1 November 19, 2018
Claudia Sodaro Certificate November 19, 2018
Brad Neff Certificate November 16, 2018
Gerrit DeHass
Angelo Famiglietti#1
Angelo Famiglietti #2
Cheryl Horvath #1
Cheryl Horvath #2
Brad Neff #1
Brad Neff #2
Shirley Pavlick
Claudia Sodaro #1
John Zemzicki