Deer Hollow at East Lake

Pool and Spa

The pool area has been designated as a Non Smoking Facility by order of the Board of Directors, effective as of September 6, 2018.

The pool and spa were both completely renovated in October of 2018 as part of a Master Plan.

The Master Plan included the following improvements:

  • All pool cracks discovered during the renovation were professionally repaired
  • New HYDRAZZO interior surface was applied at the pool and the spa
  • New coping and matching deck pavers were installed around the pool and the spa
  • New SAFTRON cool to the touch handrails and cross braced ladders were installed in the pool and the spa
  • Two broken pool lights were replaced with new LED lights
  • New signs required by laws, rules and regulations installed
  • Entire deck area and both walkways were cleaned, re-sanded and re-sealed
  • New larger decorative Wall Clocks will be mounted on the wall
  • All chaise lounges and chairs were re-strapped
  • All tables in the pool area were repainted
  • New SUNBRELLA FABRIC UV protective umbrellas have been placed at all tables
  • New landscaping with decorative pots with Robelenii ornamental palms completed in the pool area
  • New retaining wall on the North end of the pool area with deco rocks was installed
  • New decorative rocks placed around the pool perimeter
  • New redesigned tree wells with curved pavers and new deco rocks were installed
  • New landscaping with sod completed on both sides of the clubhouse
  • New landscaping with decorative pots and Robelenii Palms was completed in front of the clubhouse
  • New Safety Equipment installed in the pool area as required by code
  • New VAC-System Tank cover installed to replace the broken cover
  • New code complaint drains were installed in both the pool and the spa
  • New code compliant skimmers in the spa have been installed